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About us

Gracker is your AI content copilot, helping you generate high-performing SEO blog posts in minutes, not hours.

Our Story

Our Story

In our last startup adventure, we lived and breathed B2B SaaS. We handpicked a marketing dream team to fuel our growth, crafting compelling content every step of the way. But something interesting happened along the road...

We started to see patterns. We realized that a lot of what we were doing could be automated. We saw how specific types of content led to spikes in growth. And that sparked an idea.

Fast forward to today, and the rise of Generative AI. We took all those hard-won lessons, mixed in the latest AI magic, and built Gracker AI. It's designed to do what we did - only faster, smarter, and for any B2B SaaS company.

Now, you can tap into our experience. Gracker AI helps you create high-quality content that attracts customers and drives revenue - without the endless hours and growing pains we went through.

It's like having your own marketing team, trained by experts, and powered by the future of technology.

Tired of being just another SaaS in the sea?

Join the select few soaring with Gracker AI. Your growth co-pilot awaits.